Jonathan G. Bayley, Two pieces for alto flute

I am glad to share with you some more excerpts of my latest CD “Flute Spirit”. Here you have Jonathan G. Bayley’s “Two pieces” for alto flute: From Within and Music for Pan.

From the late 1970s and early 1980s Bayley studied at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (Banff, Alberta, Canada) and it was the jazz flutist Paul Horn who introduced him to the alto flute. The first of the pieces seeks an inner sound, integrated with the breathing, in a meditating mood. The second one, dedicated to Jeanne Baxtresser shows a dance character in its form and articulation, while alluding to the mythological legend of Pan and Syrinx, so closely linked to the flute repertoire.

Please sit back and enjoy!

F. Kleynjans, Aria n. 1 en la mineur pour flûte et guitarre

Happy to share with you the encore of Duo Becerra-Serra’s last concert at Teatre Principal in Valls: the beautiful Francis Kleynjans’ “Aria n.1”, performed by Carmen Becerra, guitar and Isabel Serra Bargalló, flute.

On the 80th aniversary of “Image” (1939), by E. Bozza…

I have decided to share this fresh, lively and sparkling piece for solo flute on my soundcloud and youtube channels. I recorded “Image” op. 38 by Eugène Bozza in 2017 as the opening piece of my CD “Flute Spirit”. It was one of the first solo flute compositions I learned and has been with me since my youth. I hope you enjoy it!

Eugène Bozza, Trois Mouvements, for flute and clarinet

Live recording at Bouquet Festival 2019 in Tarragona. Duo Serra-Bargalló performs “Trois Mouvements” for flute and clarinet by Eugène Bozza.

Olivier Boreau, “Les Fontaines de Séville”, for flute and clarinet

This is a “Duo Serra-Bargalló” live video-recording of the flute and clarinet piece “Les Fontaines de Séville” by the french composer Olivier Boreau. We are very thankful to Olivier Boreau who so kindly let us know about his piece. We really enjoyed rehearsing and performing it for the first time at Bouquet Festival concert last 30th august 2019. We hope all of you enjoy it too!

“Bravo for your performance! A very beautiful performance of the “Fontaines de Séville”! Thank you a lot !”

Olivier Boreau

Video: G. Ph. Telemann, Metodische Sonata n. 3 e-moll. Isabel Serra Bargalló, traverso & Glòria Coll, cello

Notícia sobre el concert de Isabel Serra Bargalló i Glòria Coll el passat 10 de gener a Valls al “Notícies 12” de TAC12 TV

18 moments for 2018. Thank you!

Here there is a small video to say thank you to 2018 and to welcome the new year. Wish you peace, love and lots of music for 2019! ❤

A tribute to Katherine Hoover

El passat setembre va morir la flautista, compositora i poeta Katherine Hoover. Només ens vam trobar una vegada, fa anys a Barcelona, però va ser suficient per adonar-me de la seva vàlua humana i artística. La seva Kokopeli, obra emblemàtica per a flauta sola, em va enamorar, i va ser un honor treballar-la al seu costat. Després de rebre els seus consells i la seva autorització va ser gravada i inclosa al meu disc FLUTE SPIRIT fa just un any. La seva obra, el seu talent i la seva sensibilitat, però, van molt més enllà i val la pena descobrir-la. Descansi en pau i rebi tota la meva admiració i agraïment.